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Siccom technology specialises in condensate removal pumps, level proximity sensors and bimetal heat protection. Main items include Flowatch design, Flowatch tank and Mini Flowatch.

Siccom Mini Flowatch 2

The mini Flowatch 2 is just 85x28x48mm for the pump and 78x38x37mm for the reservoir and fits easily into most indoor units up to 10kw. Flow rate up to 15 l/hr, a 2 m suction and max' 10 m head the noise level is only 20.2 dBA.

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Siccom Flowatch Tank

At just 135 mm high this 1.3 ltr tank pump has a maximum flow rate of 700 l/hr and 5.5 m head. It has four 27mm inlets (3 blanking caps supplied) and a 12mm outlet with check valve. Overall dimensions 280x130x135.

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Siccom Flowatch Design

The Flowatch Design incorporates a mini flowatch pump in an 800 mm length of 80 x 55 plastic trunking with a reversible elbow. Pre assembly reduces installation time and gives a perfect finish

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